The Great Bitcoin "Bubble"

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Numerous times over the years, many have claimed Bitcoin is in a price bubble. Looking back at some of these times causes one to pause and wonder...

In 2010, the price quintupled within a month. An obvious bubble, right?

However, fast-forward to 2017 and look at the all-time chart. The price surge doesn't even register:

Then in 2011, anyone can "clearly see" that Bitcoin is in a huge, unsustainable bubble:

But, finding this hyperbolic rise in today's chart, it's barely a blip:

Then at the end of 2013, the Real Bitcoin Bubble(tm) has finally arrived:

Yeah, well, maybe not:

Another massive surge in mid 2017:

Still climbing:

And the big (institutional) money still hasn't yet entered Bitcoin. What will the future hold?

(to be continued)