A view from under the Space Needle in Seattle. Marc doing a Mike Miller impression. The first of many views from the top of the Space Needle.
See Mt. Ranier in the distance, just to the righ of the skyscrapers on the left? We'll be visiting that later.
A close-up of Ranier.
A view directly downward from the tower.
A view of Seattle from our Seattle suite. Marc with an Australian Chewing Stick in our Seattle suite. Don't ask. No wonder nobody wanted to talk to me!
On our way back to Portland, we make a detour around Mt. Ranier.
One of many shots taken from our moving vehicle.
The peak looks so close, yet it's quite warm out where we're driving.
After driving for hours with no sign of civilization... it seemed bizarre to see this in the middle of nowhere.
My favorite shot...
Another of my favorites...
This was the highest viewpoint.
Goodbye, Mt. Ranier.
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