cruise:02 CORSICA


Ajaccio, Corsica - July 23, 2006

We tendered into the port at Ajaccio, Corsica...renowned as Napolean's birthplace.

A view of our ship from the tender.

Corsica is a little island off of Italy.

Many people from Europe enjoy vacations in Corsica due to both mountains and the beach all within one hour.

A Market
Full of clothing, artwork, fruit, meats, and cheeses (all out in the heat!).

After a quick walk through the market we met our tour bus for a trip into the mountains.

The follwoing pictures are taken from the bus on our way to the town Vizzavona at the top of the mountain!

80% of Corsica's economy is tourisim.

Watch out for the wondering livestock!

A small town that we drove through on our way to the top!

We traveled up switchbacks to reach the town of Vizzavona

It was a little too much back and forth movement for Jodie.

Motion sickness is no fun!

Ahh...but look at the beautiful scenery!

We arrive in Vizzavona!

A restaurant where we had refreshments.

They had wine, bread, cheese, pastries, fish and salad awaiting us!

Danika and her family.

Mike partook in all of the goodies.

Jodie was still feeling a bit woozy and ate bread and water.

Mike was on a mission to have an ice cream in each country!

The restaurant was right in front of train tracks.

People come from all over to hike these mountains.

We saw many of them stopping at the restaurant with their packs and walking sticks.

Vizzavona train station.

Some interesting birds and nests that we found under the roof of the restaurant.

A beautiful house along the street in Vizzavona.

Heading down the mountain.

Uh Oh...a car accident. Did a cow wander on the road?

Arriving at the port

The Brilliance of the Seas!

Tendering back to the ship.

After touring Corsica we head to the pool!

Good times at the pool!

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