cruise:08 SANTORINI


Santorini, Greece - July 29, 2006

We found a little friend on our bed!

A few shots of our cabin.

The following photos are shots of Santorini from the ship.

Santorini is one of the Cyclades Islands. The Cyclades are situated in the Agean off the east coast of the Peloponnese.

The Cyclades are named for the circle they form around the sacred island of Delos in the center. Ferries between the islands make island hopping quite easy.

Santorini is the most southern of the Cyclades. In 1450 BC this volcanic island erupted forming Santorini's crescent shape.

Our ship is sitting in the middle of this crescent shape, also known as the caldera.

When this volcano erupted about 3,500 years ago it caused the end of the Minoan civilization.

The Stroggli Island, as it was once called, disappeared. Many say this was the lost city of Atlantis.

Santorini is composed of the earth and lava that were pushed up from insie the earth.

The island is now actually four islands connected by roads.

The chain of islands is best known for its beaches (black and white) and whitewashed cliff-top villages with stunning views.

Santorini is said to be the most beautiful of all the Greek islands. People come from all over just to see the sunset.

The island of Delos, surrounded by the Cyclades, is one of the most important archeological sites in Greece.

It is considered the mythological birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.

Our ship was anchored in the caldera so we tendered in to shore.

This is the cable car that takes you from the capital city Fira up top to the teder landing area of Skala.

This zig zag walkway is another option. You can ride a donkey up or take the 30 minute walk up 580 stairs. (watch the donkey droppings)

This tender dropped us off at Athinios Port.

We then caught a bus and began our tour!

The countryside.

Santorini is known for their wines.

There are vineyards all over.

The interior of the island is full of sleepy villages and teraced fields.

Our bus travels further inland towards the highest point on the island.

It's a little windy!

Our bus parked below as we walked the steep road towards the historical monastery of Profitis Ilias.

Look at the beautiful view. Note the church off in the distance.

After a visit to the monastery we are headed here. The town of Pyrgos.

We have reached the monastery.

It was formed in the brginning of the 18th century and provides spectcular views of Santorini.

Profitis Ilias is now the home to one solitary monk.

Our bus has now stopped in the town of Pyrgos where we view some asses.

Before we begin the tour of the village we grab an ice cream...

..and pet a cute cat!

Pyrgos is a small village 8km south of Fira.

It was once the islands capital, and is where the remnants of a large Venetian fortress overlooking the village testifies to its former status.

Pyrgos is a traditional village with fine old houses and narrow streets.

There is only foot traffic in this village.

I wonder what people think of tour groups walking right by their house everyday?

Cobblestone streets were throughout this little town.

Anyone home?

A church that has been turned into a museum.

Inside the museum were many beautiful works of art.

Looking down on the village.

We have now arrived at a restaurant/bar to have some refreshments.

Outside the restaurant.

Where we enjoyed lots of wine and food.

In the distance is Pyrgos.

Part of the restaurant.

The Greek flag.

After our stomachs are full we arrive in Fira.

Devestated by an earthequake in 1956, Fira was re-built, and engraved into the volcanic cliffs.

The terrances are packed with hotels, bars, and restaurants.

The line for the cable car. Yikes! Will we be able to catch the last tender?

Fira has many domed churches and barrel-roofed cave houses.

Inside the church.

The ceiling.

This is a caption tha

Looking down on the walkway to the port.

Fira has a population of about 2,000 making it the largest comunity on the island.

Shops line the streets.


Don't want to miss the last tender so we decide to race down the walkway that is covered in donkey poop!

Watch your step!

Poor donkeys.

The heat and stench are overwhelming!

We made it! Now back to the ship.

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