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August 2, 2006 - Villefranche, France

We tendered into the small coastal town of Villefrance located in the heart of the French Riviera

It is a charming town nestled against the hillside overlooking the bay between Nice and Monte Carlo.

The pace here is slow and the atmosphere is restful.

Quay Corbet is the fishing port where weathered fisherman tending their nets remain a common site.

Villefranche has a well preserved 14th century ambience with steps breaking up the tiny streets.

This town is close to Nice (3 miles), Monte Carlo (6 miles), and Cannes (28 miles).

We caught a bus and headed towards Nice.

By 1820 the city of Nice already had more than 100 British families living there and it's own Anglican church

A quick glimpse of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral. A 19th Century building of pink brick and grey marble with six onion domes.

Nice is the fifth largest city in France with a score of marvelous museums and a full cultural life of dance, opera and music.

It is known as the capital of the French Riviera.

The coast was so famous for its climate that English doctors prescribed a stay on the Riviera at the slightest cough.

We are coming up on the museum of modern art.

We have exited the bus and are now entering old town Nice (Le Vieux Nice).

we arrive at Cours Saleya where we find a beautiful flower, vegetable, fruit, and fish market.

The architecture is beautiful.

A palace.

A flower that the French cook and eat!

There are tons of neat little side streets off the main street where the market is located.

The streets are lined with many shops and cafes.

Many houses are painted in red.

Such a charming street.

many of these old homes do not have air conditioning.

They open these big windows (without screens) for cross ventilation.

An old brothel.

A sign above the brothel.

Our wonderful tour guide!

Wow, the original door!

The sign outside the entrance to a beautiful chapel.

Inside the chapel.

Ahh, fish anyone?

The beautiful beaches of Nice.

The beach, spanning the Baie de Anges, is lined by the Promenade des Anglais, built in 1824 and named for the British who paid for its construction.

The Promenade bacame famous, like the gleaming white palaces which line it, for the wave of aristocratic foreigners who arrived in the late 19th century.

The Riviera, often referred to as the Cote d'Azur, with its beautiful beaches and pleasant climate, has developed into a major tourist resort.

Today the Mediterranean coast is internationally known for its yachting centers, casinos, resorts, the Cannes Film Festival, Nice Mardi Gras and the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix.

We are now back on the bus and headed towards Eze.

We pass a beautiful marina.

The Onassis yacht.

The hill-sides surrounding the Cote d'Azur contain many small, fortified towns which still retain much of their medieval character.

The gas prices in Euros.

We head up the mountain towards the medieval town of Eze.

Our cruise ship in the distance.

Jodie & Mike

We have arrived at Eze but must walk up the hill to the town. There are no roads for cars!

Eze is perched on top of a huge rock and is located halfway between Nice and Monaco.

At the very top of the hill features a 14th century castle that was destroyed in the 18th century.

As we enter through the stone archway we arrive inside this spectacular little town.

The windows were built high up in the walls for fear of the enemy attacking.

Just inside is a little outdoor cafe.

Notice the skinny cobblestone steps winding around small shops, stone houses, an exotic cactus garden, terrace restaurants andd fine hotels.

Wow, Mike is a giant!

Inside one of the many shops.

A map of the village.

We have now arrived back in Vilefranche.

An outdoor cafe where we grabbed a panini and some wine.

Our view from our outdoor table at the cafe.

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