Current List of Registrants

Total66      Breakfast: 38       Pairs: 48       Stud/Stud8: 34       NLHE: 56       Madness: 22       Unpaid: 2

Name Badge  Breakfast   Pairs   Stud/Stud8   NLHE   Madness   PAID 
Alaura, Chris LEAP DAY / Chris A. yes Louise Russell yes yes no yes
Armistead, Cal Cal yes no no no no yes
Armistead, Tedford T4 / Tedford yes SLB yes yes no yes
Aubin, Robin / Robin Aubin no no no no no yes
Baker, Ed ERB2000 / Ed Baker yes no no yes no yes
Baker, Karin Karin / Karin Baker yes no no no no yes
Baxter, Katie Power of V / Katie no no yes yes yes yes
Becker, Rick Fred Garvin / Rick Becker yes Marsha Segal no yes yes yes
Becker, Tracy Queen Tracy / Tracy Becker yes John Segovia yes yes yes yes
Bessoir, Tom CHAOS / Tom Bessoir no Meredith Holtzman yes yes no yes
Bloomberg, Luke Lukas Sharp no no no yes no yes
Bremer, Rich Omaholic / Rich Bremer no Bruce Iwamoto yes yes yes yes
Brown, Winchester Making Poker Grate Again / Winchester Brown no Andrew Chapman yes yes no yes
Byron, Scott Bwana / Scott Byron no Jodi Shapiro yes yes no yes
Chapman, Andrew P'nut / Chaps no Winchester Brown yes yes no yes
Ciotti, Joyce FOP13 / Joyce Ciotti no no yes yes no yes
Coates, DJ D.J. yes no no yes no yes
Daniel, Steve Crunch / Steve yes David Kuznick yes yes yes yes
David, Jeanne Jeanne D. no Stephanie ‘Bikebabe’Wasserman yes yes yes yes
Esparo, Amanda Amanda yes no no no no  
Esparo, Vito Cousin Vito yes no no yes no yes
Evangelista , AJ AJ no no no yes yes  
Fujita, Michael Omahafool / Mike yes Dean White yes no no yes
Gonzalez , Tina Dilligaf / Tina Gonzalez no no yes yes no yes
Greenberg, Len Len G / Len Greenberg yes Pete Segal no yes no yes
Hackett, Brian Brian Hackett / Brian Hackett yes Jim Rogers no yes no yes
Hansen, Ron Ron yes no no yes yes yes
Hexter, Jim Jim / Jim Hexter yes Alpo no no no yes
Higgs Iwamoto, Lynsy Lynsy / Lynsy Higgs Iwamoto yes Nathaniel Higgs no yes no yes
Higgs, Nathaniel Nathaniel yes Lynne Higgs no yes no yes
Holtzman , Meredith Meredith no Tom Bessoir yes yes yes yes
Hummel, Thomas Aardvark / Thomas Hummel yes Rich Vehlow yes yes yes yes
Iwamoto, Bruce Cyberchomp / Bruce Iwamoto yes Rich Bremer no yes no yes
Jackson, Howard hojax no mary mulcahy yes yes yes yes
Kallio, Alpo Alpo / Alpo yes Jim Hexter no yes yes yes
Kent, Dave six_ball_man / Dave Kent yes Nancy Robertson yes yes no yes
Kent, Kathie Kathie Kent yes no no no no yes
Kent, Laurie Laurie Kent yes no no no no yes
Klein, Michael "BIG MIKE" / Michael yes Uncle Al yes yes no yes
Kluchman, Chris Sharkbait / Chris Kluchman no Jeff Palmucci yes yes yes yes
Kluchman, David David Kluchman / David Kluchman no Tahajian yes yes no yes
Kornspan, Barry Mr. Raise / Barry Kornspan yes Sharon Lewis no yes no yes
Kuznick, David DavidK / David Kuznick yes Steve Daniel yes yes no yes
Lewin-Berlin, Steve SteveLB / Stephen Lewin-Berlin no T4 no yes no yes
Lewis, Sharon Lil Angel / Sharon Lewis yes Barry Kornspan no yes no yes
Lyons, Ron 8-2 Ron / Ron Lyons yes Ruth Lyons yes yes no yes
Lyons, Ruth Ruth / Ruth Lyons yes 8-2 Ron no no no yes
Mulcahy, Mary dressage punk / mary mulcahy no howard jackson no yes no yes
Painter, Bogan @RED318is / Bogan Painter no no no yes no yes
Palmucci, Jeff Jeff Palmucci / Jeff Palmucci yes Chris Kluchman yes yes yes yes
Parness, Len Lenl / Len Parness no no yes yes no yes
Robertson, Nancy Nancy / Nancy Robertson yes Dave Kent yes yes yes yes
Rogers, James jimpepper / James E rogers no Brian Hackett no yes no yes
Rosenblatt, Stephen STEPHEN no no yes yes no yes
Russell, Louise Louise / Louise yes Chris Alaura no yes yes yes
Segal, Marsha Pete's Mom / Marsha Segal no Rick Becker yes yes no yes
Segal, Pete TrayRacer / Pete Segal no Len Greenberg yes yes no yes
Segovia, John Mango / John Segovia yes Tracy Becker yes yes yes yes
Shapiro, Jodi Jodi S. no Scott Byron yes yes yes yes
Starr, Gary GMunyHuny no Alex Ziselman no yes no yes
Stuart, Alan uncle al yes Big Mike no yes yes yes
Tahajian, David dave t. yes David Kluchman yes yes no yes
Vehlow, Richard majoracehole / Rich Vehlow yes Tom hummel no yes yes yes
Wasserman, Stephanie Sassy / Stephanie no Jeanne David yes yes yes yes
White, Dean DeantheDream yes Mike Fujita no yes yes yes
Ziselman, Alex Maverick600 / Alex Ziselman no Gary Starr yes no no yes