Mike's Pussy Cats

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This is Easter, the coolest cat there is. She's a daredevil. She loves to climb up onto things, and is happiest when she's at a higher spot than everyone else. She loves to sit in my lap and purr.
This is Betsy, my other cat. Despite the fact that Easter is my favorite, Betsy inevitably gets more attention because she begs for more attention. Betsy is more like a dog. She lays on her back, wanting her tummy rubbed. She's a hog; she'll eat anything. And she's not a lap cat like Easter.

When I first brought Betsy home to meet Easter and her new home, they hated each other and would rarely be caught in the same room together. But after a few weeks they became friends. They didn't have much choice in the matter. :-)

Easter is the cutest kitty in the world when she's sleeping...

Easter loves to be up high. Here she's on the shelf by the ceiling, balancing on the stair banister, and looking down at me from upstairs.

Check out those spooky eyes!

Before my deck was built, the sliding glass door had a safety bar in front of it (to keep morons from simply falling out, I suppose). Easter loved it.

Here's Betsy after coming home from the vet. She's still freshly shaved from her spaying.

Here's Betsy before she got really fat...


This is Mama, my parent's cat. After she had 2 litters, totalling 11 kittens, she got really fat and lazy.

Mama will sleep anywhere, even on top of you...

My sister Karen when she was younger, with our cats at the time: Lilly and Henry.