Photos of Marc

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Marc Gallagher:
  • is great.
  • is my best friend.
  • is great.
  • loves Linux.
  • is great.
  • claims he's great. Ask him!

My friend Carl (the DJ) on the left, Marc in the middle, and me.

Marc and I coming out of a club. What's that on his shirt? :-)

Here's an old picture of Marc, circa 1991. Wow, look what he's carrying. And to think we used to actually drink that swill!

More old pictures of Marc, ones he probably wishes I had lost.

A reluctant pose.

Here are a few pictures from New Year's Eve, 1997. We're about to play a game of Drinking Jenga. Marc fills up on pretzels and stacks the blocks.

After the blocks fell and quite a few drink were downed, we got a little silly...

Marc and Jay laughing at some pictures before we went out.

Marc and his old friend, Jim Boney.