Misc Photos

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My friend Carl and his wife Kellie.

My friend Bobby Buten. I call him Rick. He's a reef.

My Swedish friend Jessica with her friend Kristen from Norway.

Sanne from Finland, Jessica from Sweden, and Samantha from South Africa.

This is Holly. I haven't seen her in ages.

This is Blakely, Margo's friend. Isn't she just adorable?

This is Marge and Blake posing with a Bull in New York City.

Here, Blakely and I are acting goofy for the camera...

Here's my friend and pool buddy, Greg Ubben, posing with famous pool champion Allison Fisher.

This is my father, Don Miller. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

Here's my dad and me at my sister's wedding.

Jim Boney.

Marc and Jim, quite a few years ago...

This is my cousin, Kayla.

Kayla was the flower girl at my sister's wedding.

This is Matthew, Kayla's brother.

Christmas 1998.

Here's my mother and Tom, dancing at my sister's wedding. Who's my mom making faces at?

And here's a random picture of Tom. :)

This is Rob Adams, everyone's hero. I call him Bob (for fun).