Photos of Jodie

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Jodie Calvert is:
  • Beautiful.
  • Sexy.
  • Intelligent.
  • Loving.
  • An actress.
  • My wife.

Here's Jodie wearing her Halloween costume and trying to look scary.

Here she's showing off her cute little tail. The costume definitely look better on her than it does on me.

Personally, I find this a very sexy close-up...

Jodie, me, and my sister, Karen (on her wedding day).

Jodie and I after Karen's wedding rehearsal dinner. I was coerced into having this picture taken. See how well I can fake a smile?

Jodie and I. I can't remember where I was in this picture, but I do remember being uncomfortably hot...

Here is a pretty good picture of Jodie. My head is all cocked because I just rushed back to my seat after setting the camera's timer.

Jodie and I just after Karen's wedding (and before the reception).

Jodie and I holding the camera at arm's length and trying to squeeze into the camera's view.