Photos of Mike

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Mike Miller is

I think I was six or seven years old here. I remember that shirt. I used to love that shirt!

Me and my evil twin Morpheus. Can you tell who is which?

My friend Carl (the DJ) on the left, and Marc in the middle.

My friend Marc and I coming out of a club. What's that on his shirt? :-)

Jodie, me, and my sister, Karen, on her wedding day.

Jodie and I after Karen's wedding rehearsal dinner. I was coerced into having this picture taken. See how well I can fake a smile?

Me in Germany (visiting Carolin in 1997). That's a German Christmas tree, ya know.

Bryan Kershaw, my new brother-in-law, and I.

A shot of me during my sister's wedding reception.

My cousin (and bridesmaid) Christy Hope Jones and I being announced at the start of the reception. At this point I was starving to death, and boy did I need a drink!

My dad and I at the wedding.

Me, escorting my grandmother down the aisle to her seat. Yeah, I was an usher at my sister's wedding.

Another mediocre picture of me, another I was coerced into posing for.

New Year's Eve, 1997, and I just begin to drink.

Later on the same night, after having a lot of said drink, and after running around screaming and yelling at the top of my lungs, I stop for a breather.

Jodie and I. I can't remember where I was in this picture, but I do remember being uncomfortably hot...

Here is a pretty good picture of Jodie. My head is all cocked because I just rushed back to my seat after setting the camera's timer.

Here is me, wearing Jodie's Halloween costume. She looks much better in it than I do.

Jodie and I just after Karen's wedding (and before the reception).

Jodie and I holding the camera at arm's length and trying to squeeze into the camera's view.